It’s a Wonderful Engagement Shoot

I cast Vince and Genna as George Bailey and Mary Hatch in last years production of “It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play” at The Lower Ossington Theatre.  They are both immensely talented and a pleasure to direct, but in addition to that I thought that they would have some lovely onstage chemistry.  

Here are some of my production photos from the show (click the main photo to cycle through).

It turns out that they did have beautiful chemistry onstage and offstage as well!  They fell in love and are currently engaged!  They asked if I would be able to do a Wonderful Life/Radio Play themed engagement shoot for them and I was thrilled.  We were able to shoot on the set of this years Christmas radio play (big thanks to The LOT for letting us use the space) and they wore outfits reminiscent of their costumes.  Coincidentally we did the shoot on the anniversary of the beginning of their falling in love.  We had such a wonderful time (see what I did there?) during the shoot and I’m so pleased with how the images turned out. 

George and Mary lasso the moon!   This setup was their idea and I love it!

displaying that beautiful ring

*Sigh* Isn’t love lovely?  I’m so excited for Vince and Gennas wonderful future and it’s so nice to have played a tiny part in their story!

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