Spring Blooms!

I have a confession to make; I have never seen the cherry trees bloom at High Park.  I know that as someone who lives in Toronto spends a lot of time behind a camera that seems like sacrilege, but I’ve only known about the ‘peak bloom’ for a few years and I’ve either missed it, or the flowers didn’t actually well…flower.  So, this year I was determined to make it out there.  Unfortunately, due to a bunch of different things, I still haven’t made it out to see them.  However, I did get my fill of blooms!  I was spending a few days in the Niagara region with my Mom and we took an afternoon to drive around and find some fantastic blooming orchards! 

The negatives (being covered in bugs from sitting/lying on the ground and almost stepping in a roadkill skunk) were far outweighed by the positives; a gorgeous blue sky, stunning blossoms and NO other people.  Not one!  (well ok, one farmer in the distance, but that was it!)
So maybe next year I’ll finally make it out to see the high park cherry trees bloom, but until then, I have these fantastic pictures to remind me of spring!

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