Over the Rainbow

The Wizard of Oz holds a special place in my heart as it was the first musical I ever performed in.  I was 11 and was thrilled to be cast as Dorothy. I fell in love with performing through this charming story of finding yourself (after a Mom of one of the other performers who was helping backstage pushed me out of the wings for my first entrance as I was frozen, terrified).  

Tiny me as Dorothy with the other leads in my dance schools production of Wizard of Oz.

I had a chance to revisit the show in my teens, playing a tree, an Ozian and the Dorothy understudy, in a big budget community theatre production.  There were pyrotechnics, I learned how to fly, it was a lot of fun.   

So I was thrilled to re-visit Oz 20 years after I was introduced to it by photographing The Lower Ossington Theatre’s beautiful production.  The cast was very talented, the costumes were really fun and the set was beautiful which made for some great photos.  I think that the photos of this production are in my top five favourites of shows I’ve shot.  

We started with some promo photos in the park a few weeks before the show opened of the lovely Isadora who is playing Dorothy.  

I had a great time shooting the dress, it was so fun and bright and  as a bonus they had a completely adorable Toto.   Click on any of the images to see them larger.

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