Graffiti Alley

This summer I finally got a chance to explore Graffiti Alley.  I set up a shoot with Michele and Leilani.  They are two fierce, hilarious, talented women that I am very happy to call friends.  The plan was to dance and laugh and get some great shots with colourful backgrounds.  Graffiti Alley doesn’t disappoint in terms of fun art to shoot in front of.  There also seemed to be a never ending parade of interesting people wandering around.   We had a lot of laughs, we found some ‘interesting’ smelling alcoves, we found a group of pigeons that would re-set after every shot. The ladies bravely jumped off of a slightly higher than expected platform and we got some fun shots of Micheles new tap shoes.  It was a challenging shoot for me in that my off camera flash system was not co-operating at all.  Because I use a Nikon D750 and a Cactus wireless trigger they occasionally shift out of position and they were refusing to sync back up.  So, I ended up playing with natural light a lot more than I had intended to.  We were shooting at noon, with direct sunlight and harsh shadows in the alleys so it was definitely a challenge!  This was a really fun shoot and I was happy with the way the photos turned out!

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