Fantasy Fashion Shoot with Magic!

My siblings and their spouses were coming to visit and I was itching to do something creative and different, so on their way home I had them pick up some colourful smoke bombs from a fireworks store.  I’ve seen these used in all kinds of photography and I’ve always wanted to give it a try.  I had my sister bring the dresses from her beautiful fashion line “Oriflamme” that she designed for Alternative Fashion Week in Toronto a few years ago.  I’ve photographed most of her dresses already, but I thought that a fun fantasy or fairytale twist would work really well to show them off.   The shoot was really fun, with my sister and sister in law killing it as my models and my brother and brother in law running around with the smoke bombs and helping to carry things around the bay.   Special shoutout has to go to my brother who graciously walked in front of us through the woods to ensure we had a spiderweb-less path and covering himself in webs in the process.  I had a lot of fun using photoshop to extend the smoke effects, add friendly woodland creatures and create sparkly magic that they could hold.  Fun fact, the magic effect is made out of my photos of sparklers! 

This is the only shot in which the dress has been altered.

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