Family Photos - CJ’s Cakesmash!

My friends Mark and Michelle wanted to celebrate their daughter CJ’s first birthday with a cake smash shoot and I was so happy to make that happen!   We started with some family photos and portraits in an adorable little outfit that would not get covered in cake.  CJ is very expressive and also a crawler!   She was really interested in the camera and kept heading towards me.

she’s on the move!

a little behind the scenes moment to encourage smiles

Then we brought out the cake.  CJ is very thoughtful and careful so it took a little time for her to get going, but when she got into it, she REALLY got into it.  Michelle had made a low sugar, super healthy cake that actually ended up being quite dense and CJ ended up pulling it apart layer by layer, putting full layers on her lap which was very cute.  

not sure if she likes her first taste of cake

deciding she DOES like her first taste of cake

and the sugar is starting to kick in

“Oh my goodness!  There’s SO much cake!”

a bit of a different lighting feel on this one

she looks so mischievous in this shot

disassembling the cake

The full tongue out is so adorable

Must get every last morsel of sugar

Getting her feet in on the action

This shoot was a lot of fun and I hope I have the opportunity to take CJ’s photo again soon!

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