Family Photos - CJ on the Playground

This was my third session with CJ and her family.  Her parents, Mark and Michelle are friends of mine from University.   Every year around her birthday we’ve gotten together to do a fun shoot and I’ve really enjoyed getting to see how much she’s changed and grown year to year!  This year they wanted to take the shoot outside, so we headed to Trinity Bellwoods park for some picnic style family photos and some photos of CJ playing on the play structure.  Chasing her around the playstructure required a serious amount of energy.  It is impressive how much energy kids have, and how long they can go running and jumping and climbing with no slowing down, even on a hot day in direct sunlight.  Though keeping up with her was a challenge, it was a lot of fun, and watching her bravely climb giant slide ladders and run all over the structure was really delightful.  I also loved that they brought a change of clothes for her so we got some nice fancy dress shots as well as letting her play in her playclothes.  

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