Dance Shoot in Newfoundland

I spent most of this summer in Stephenville, Newfoundland as a company member with the Stephenville Theatre Festival.  It’s my third summer being a part of this theatre company and I absolutely love it.  All three times I’ve been there I’ve had the chance to perform in one show and direct another, as well as photographing every show I can, so it’s a great mix of everything I love to do.  One of the really fun things about the way the season is scheduled is that once the shows are open, there is a fair amount of free time and a group of performers all living together.  I took advantage of some of the free time and did a dance photoshoot with Mikayla Stradiotto, one of the amazing performers in the company.  She’s a real triple threat, amazing dancer, killer voice and super funny - her Snow White in Disenchanted was one of the highlites of the season for sure!

There’s an abandoned building with really fun textured walls that you can see from the windows of the dorm where we were stay.  Every year I’m there I think, that would be a great place for a photoshoot, and then do nothing about it.  So we decided to use that as the backdrop to our dance shoot and other than all the broken glass on the ground (don’t worry, we put safety first) it was a great spot!  We really played with lots of shapes and a little bit with shadows as well and I’m really happy with how the final images turned out!  (click through to see full size images) 

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